Greg: For many years I have suffered from acute insomnia. Some of my insomnia inspired illustrations are below, along with a short piece I wrote about how it feels.


2am, muscles fizzing, mind hyper-active, like a Gatling gun, synapses erupting.

Time speeds up then slows down, things are bigger and distorted, then small and far away.

Only thing for it, get up, have a decaffeinated coffee, eat a banana and watch documentaries from the 1970s on youtube while drawing.

Automatic drawing! Just go, go, go, draw, draw, draw! Until it’s gone, until it dries up. Until the narrator finishes his description of how Stonehenge was a marketplace selling fish and daisies.

Ink-stained fingers dragged back to bed at 5am to attempt at least a brief nap only to be haunted by violent nightmares which wake me suddenly and the birds chirp, the bin men rattle and the children demand breakfast. I drink coffee and stare at the toaster.

Automatic drawing

Here are some samples of my automatic drawing from recent bouts of insomnia. They are illustrated with ink and coffee – yes, coffee! The words in the one illustration were randomly selected from books in the bookcase.

Sleep well! Greg.