Myles: When we started out creating animations back in er … 2000 ish … we had zero budget to make anything. What we did have were some story ideas, some software called Flash, and a microphone. So we began by just doing everything from the music to the voices to the editing in addition to the writing and animating.

Audiobook of The Goons
Doing voices for animation came as second nature to us as our Dad has always been a bit of a mimic and early on he bought us a couple of The Goons tapes. For years we thought there were only four episodes of The Goons – The Last Smoking Seagoon, I Was Monty’s Treble, The Call of the West, and the Jet Propelled Guided NAAFI. We learned to love and copy the silly voices of Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe.


Since then I’ve ended up voicing characters for a variety of animations. One of the last was as an annoying paperclip for Disney show Counterfeit Cat. (No really!) One of the most memorable was voice acting opposite (ex-Doctor Who) David Tennant for a Royal Shakespeare Theatre project. You can see that and more here.

Today I uploaded another kind of voice reel. This is me doing audiobook style readings. I made sure I picked out-of-copyright titles (and one of my own) to avoid any rights problems. Plus I love a bit of Dickens, H.G.Wells and Oscar Wilde anyway. Enjoy…


I recorded this with Paul Johnston at Rhythm Studios. I found some ace copyright free images on the British Library flickr website and managed to put the video together using a nine year old version of iMovie. It had some really horrible in-built graphics so I put the slides together with Photoshop.

See! I’m still doing more than just writing and acting. I deserve some sort of medal or something.