The Interwebs

Myles writes: Back in 2001-ish, when we started out making little animations for release on the Interwebs, we were keen to find our own creative voice. Sometimes we did it naturally, just by making something up and making it quickly. But at other times we felt the pressure to make something  that fitted in with stuff that seemed to go viral easily. That usually meant trying to make something that appealed to 13 year old boys with an interest in knob jokes. After a while we realised this wasn’t really where we were at.

Colin T. Heart

Years later we invented Colin T. Heart, a sort of amalgam character of both of us, we decided we could make him a digital filmmaker who dislikes his own viral films. That’s only one aspect of his character, but it was very cathartic to play that out in a story. Colin’s frank and honest assessment of the universe around him was partly inspired by the work of comedian Daniel Kitson. Partly it was just Greg and I wanting to express our own thoughts more clearly. For us, it was also a return to speedy filmmaking.

Here’s a compilation of three of Colin’s episodes

The Need for Speed

The good thing about speedy filmmaking is that you create an idea and see it through very quickly. There’s no loss of momentum and there’s something pure about the whole concept. It’s also a great way to investigate your own creative voice because there isn’t enough time to destructively self-criticise. Less is more.

Colin T Heart

Encounters Film Festival

The first instalment of Colin T. Heart’s adventures was made for the Encounters Film Festival 90 second film competition Depict. We had about 24 hours to make the whole film. Here’s the mini-making-of that we made to go with the film. This is just before we started going to the gym so we’re both a couple of fatties in this video.


The full playlist of five films is available to view on YouTube along with a couple of extras by ROFL and LOL. Enjoy.