A Book of Brilliant Ideas and How to Have Them

Project A Book of Brilliant IdeasĀ  and How to Have Them

USA Title Here’s a Brilliant Idea

Year 2015

Format Non-fiction book, pubished by LOM Art

Detail From the BAFTA-winning team the Brothers McLeod, this is an interactive book full of activities you can fill in, from drawings of peculiar creatures and names for new inventions to maps of imaginary places and designs for impossible buildings.

Each page contains a challenge, suggestion or idea, often accompanied by Greg’s and Myles’s initial attempts at the same activity. Give your imagination a workout by matching your wits against theirs or simply try to outdo yourself in creativity and inventiveness.

This is a fun and inspiring collection of brilliant ideas that will give hours of amusement to anyone from the age of nine to ninety-nine.

Also see their follow up book Create Your Own Universe